No stove or oven is needed! Bursting with fresh, crunchy, and colorful raw vegetables and greens these Take-out Style Spring Rolls make the perfect appetizer, snack, lunch, or simply for enjoyment!

Ingredients: -Rice paper or mung bean paper -Avocado -Carrot -Red bell pepper -Red apple  -Persian cucumber  -Baby spinach or chopped -kale -Cabbage -Mung bean pasta -Cilantro sprigs -Tamari or sweet & sour sauce 

STEP 1: PREPARE THE RICE PAPER -Soak one piece of rice paper or mung bean paper in warm water until soft. -Carefully remove, allow excess water to drain, and lay on a flat surface.

STEP 2: PREPARE THE VEGETABLES - Cut each of the vegetables lengthwise and about the same width. 

STEP 3: ASSEMBLE THE VEGETABLES  -Arrange raw veggies in a row along the center of the paper. -Leave about 1 1/2 inches at both ends of the paper and carefully roll up, leaving long edges open.

STEP 4: ASSEMBLE THE SPRING ROLLS -Soak and drain the second piece of rice paper and lay it on a flat surface. -Place the roll you already made along the center of the second paper, folding the end edges in first and then rolling in the remaining sides.

STEP 5: DIP AND ENJOY! -Serve immediately with tamari or sweet and sour sauce.

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