Pesto Recipe

Vegan and Creamy Pesto that you will love

Homemade Pesto is a staple in our house.  

There is alway pesto in our refrigerator  and freezer.

Key Ingredients for making Pesto

1. Fresh Basil 2. Pine Nuts 3. Garlic  4. Olive Oil 5. Salt and Pepper 6. ? ( no cheese)

This "No Cheese" Pesto uses Nutritional Yeast instead of cheese.

To make this vegan and creamy Pesto - blend all ingredients in a blender or motor and pestle

You can enjoy pesto with your favorite pasta

Or enjoy it with your favorite spiralized vegetable noodles

This Creamy and Vegan pesto goes with sandwiches and wraps

Make a large batch and freeze it in small quantities so you can enjoy it all year long

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