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Helping people enjoy the whole food, plant-based lifestyle is what inspires Veggiecurean every day. Here’s what our followers have to say about our services.

“A couple of years ago, my mother was hospitalized and diagnosed with COPD as well as obesity, borderline diabetes, and iron deficiency. Her COPD was aggravated by her obesity, and her doctors’ medical advice was for her to lose weight. This past summer my parents came to stay with us for three months so we could set them up with an exercise plan and better eating lifestyle, and Shikha was instrumental in developing a healthy and delicious eating plan that catered to their desires. Shikha’s methods were amazing — she took the time to evaluate their eating habits, their likes, and dislikes, and understood that they favor Indian cuisines. Her eating charts were not at all bland nor were they a drastic change from their preference of eating Indian food. She directed them to exact portions of what to eat and when to eat them, and she also sent recipes to help them cook smart and healthy. Combined with her dietary counseling and physical exercise, both my parents lost a combined 70 pounds in three months. Shikha is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and sincere in her counseling. My mother now has more energy to get through the day, and she will most likely get off her diabetes medication soon. Thank you, Shikha!” –P. Duggal

“Cooking with Shikha brought the joy of cooking back into my house. She arrived with an array of the highest-quality organic products, eliminating my least favorite thing about cooking: shopping! At least now I know exactly what to look for when I have to do it myself. With her warmth and gentle confidence lighting the way, my daughter and I shared a precious afternoon immersed in the camaraderie of cooking together and enjoying the colors, smells, and flavors the good earth has to offer. I found preparing a nutritious, vegan meal surprisingly fulfilling in every way, and I am so happy that this change in our eating habits will contribute to a more sustainable, healthful, and compassionate footprint on the earth. We are so grateful to Shikha for showing us the way.” –C. Gross