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Thanksgiving from the Veggiecurean Kitchen to Yours!


Veggiecurean Newsletter — Vol. 13 — November 2020

Recipes and quick tips for a healthy, vegan, stress-free Thanksgiving!

Hello Veggiecurean Tribe!

It’s that time of the year when everyone is much happier and kinder, the air gets a bit nippy and the color of the leaves turn a beautiful reddish-brown color. Seasonal decorations can be seen in all the stores, from small towns to big cities, and the intoxicating smells of apple, cinnamon, cranberry, gingerbread, and not to mention pumpkin spice everything are all around! It’s also the time of year when family traditions are in full effect — for the Veggiecurean family, on Thanksgiving morning we divide our family into teams and do a friendly little arts and crafts competition. We really have fun and bond as a family at the same time.

I know this year’s celebrations are probably going to look a little different and some of the usual friendly faces filled with laughter and excitement around the table may be missing, but they will be with us in spirit as we try to make the best of our circumstances. Although it’s been a difficult 12 months since the last Thanksgiving, I am very grateful that my family and friends are healthy and safe, and I am hopeful that next year we can embrace and celebrate again!

So Let’s Get Cooking!

This year more than ever, I plan on making the holidays special through healthy meals while celebrating Thanksgiving with my hubby and kiddos. Invite me into your holiday kitchen (virtually!) so I can help you prepare a gluten-free, clean, made-from-scratch, six-course meal that your entire family will enjoy!





Side Dish: Stuffed Mushrooms


This is six-course feast is an unforgettable meal your family is sure to rave about for months to come. With the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen and some the holiday music to add to the ambiance, Thanksgiving will be more memorable than ever!

Making A List

I went ahead and took the chore of making a grocery list off your plate. Here are all the ingredients you’ll need to pull off this amazing spread:

Vegetables & Fruits Nuts Spices Other
Kale Pine Nuts Garlic Coconut Flakes
Sweet Potatoes Pecans Cilantro Brown Rice
Frozen, Shelled Edamame Onions Dried Cranberries
Cauliflower -Ginger Kalamata Olives
Baby Potatoes Saffron Coconut Milk
Carrots Garam Masala Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Butternut Squash Coriander Almond Flour
Parsnip Turmeric Molasses
Mushrooms Cumin
Fennel Basil

Meal Prep

To keep calm during the holiday season, I do my best to plan well in advance. I’ve picked up some tricks over the years and am happy to share a few to help you all with the preparation of this Thanksgiving meal to make it a breeze!

Monday, November 23 (1 hour)

Tuesday, November 24 (1 hour)

Wednesday, November 25 (1 hour)

Thursday, November 26 / Thanksgiving Day (2 hours)

  • Put everything together and cook!

Timesaving Tips

The best approach to pulling off Thanksgiving without a hitch is making a schedule for everything, cooking-related and not!

  • Make a guest list.
  • Keep in mind any food restrictions your guests may have.
  • Decide when to go to the grocery store OR place your order online.
  • Make a grocery list (see above), and don’t forget to add drinks!
  • Set the table.
  • Put drinks in the refrigerator.
  • Pick a festive holiday outfit ahead of time (make sure it’s clean)!



Please take lots of pictures and show Veggiecurean your Thanksgiving spread! Don’t forget to tag us @veggiecurean; we can’t wait to see how you celebrate this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!
–Shikha, Veggiecurean